Jewelry Making


V&G fashion jewellery was founded by Valentina and Gemma. The artists met by chance and quickly discovered a common denominator - “A love for beautiful, fashionable and unique jewellery that is handcrafted to perfection.” The unusual fusion of Valentina’s extensive knowledge as a Graphic Designer, her hard work in Jewellery College where she studied and created jewellery of various metals including silver and gold, as well as her deep interests and a natural talent working with precious stones combines uniquely with Gemma’s background in Alternative medicine, knowledge of healing jewellery and her keen eye for colour and shapes as well as not being afraid to experiment. Gemma’s rich career in Hospitality industry has surprisingly came to fruition in the duo’s workflow. What seems like an unmatchable couple, V&G proves to many people that they are an irresistible force of positive energy, unlimited creativity and innovation of fashion. V&G is bringing you the new contemporary art.